Triple Action Vitamin C


Triple Action Vitamin C

  • Highly potent blend of vitamin C works to brighten skin tone, while powerful antioxidants repair skin to correct signs of visible skin damage. Our complex, multi-tiered antioxidant defense system boosts skins elasticity and replenishes lost moisture, resulting in your most vibrant, radiant skin yet.


    - What it is: A potent, vitamin-enriched brightening serum that diminishes dark spots, age spots, and pigmented scarring. Supports a healthy complexion and dramatically boosts radiance.

    - Best for oily skin


    - 30ml

  • Apply to clean skin after toners, and before moisturizers. Using 1-2 pumps, spread product evenly and gently over the entire face, focusing on trouble areas. Let dry and apply moisturizer. For best results apply vitamin C in the morning.