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We are a driven & ambitious team who are passionate about skincare and aesthetics. JKruger MediSpa was a dream of Joline Kruger's while living in South Africa before moving to Canada. She had to wait for the big move to Canada and to get settled in before she was able to build her dream of owning a MediSpa. Joline is passionate about skincare, and about helping people reach their full potential. She was the motivation behind Dr Kruger’s entry into the world of aesthetic medicine in South Africa. 

Dr Kruger & Joline Kruger

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Originally from South Africa, Dr. Cloete’s medical career has taken him around the globe. Dr. Cloete took a particular fascination to cosmetic medicine throughout his career in South Africa; the ability to see incredible transformation from ‘what was’ to ‘what is’ or ‘what could be’, inspired him. Shortly after moving to Canada nearly four years ago, Dr. Cloete established a successful medical aesthetic practice in northern Alberta. His passion and talent were evident in his results and sought after by happy clientele who would travel from all over the northern region. You are in great care and steady hands with Dr. Cloete—his goal is to help you enhance your natural beauty, while allowing you to feel confident, comfortable and relaxed.

Dr Pierre Cloete

Dr Jani - Carlien van der Walt

Dr. Jani is excited to accommodate our growing clientele, and assist them in achieving their full potential. She brings a fresh vision and dynamic to the team, with incredible energy and a wealth of knowledge in both the medical and cosmetic industries.


Dr. Jani ensures a fulfilling client experience and wonderful results, focusing her attention on cosmetic enhancements such as lip filler, cheek enhancement, jawline reconstruction, and much more. Dr. Jani utilizes evidence-based care and personalized assessments to produce natural, stunning results. 

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