The Yag Q-Switch laser is an ablative, non-invasive laser which creates a high-energy beam of light. The Q-switch allows the laser to send very powerful short bursts of energy, lasting a mere billionth of a second.


What is an ablative laser?

Ablative lasers are 'solid beam' lasers, they are not broken up into smaller beams like the non-ablative lasers. Because of this they are more powerful and can be used for tattoo removal and removing or cutting unwanted tissue depending on the setting and requirement. The YAG Q-switch is a very advanced laser utilized for a variety of treatment when used by our expert technicians.


What is the YAG laser used for?

Depending on your skin type and goals, your technician will decide the best treatment modality. The YAG laser can be used for:

  • benign mole removal

  • solar keratosis

  • warts

  • angiomas

  • removal small blood vessels

  • fungal toenail infections

  • tattoo removal

  • skin rejuvenation


Before your first treatment you will have a complimentary medical evaluation by one of our expert technicians and if required, one of our doctors to ensure that your treatment plan is optimal for your skin type. Your technician will also discuss precare with you.


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