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  • With Laser Hair Removal, we can remove hair from the upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, back, shoulders, bikini area and virtually any other areas with unwanted hair.

  • For optimal results we suggest 4-8 sessions every 4-5 weeks depending on your skin and hair type. Your technician will discuss the ideal treatment plan with you.

  • Book your consultation before your laser hair removal treatment. This is necessary to discuss the amount of sessions required in order to achieve optimal results with maximum safety.

  • Avoid tanning or excessive sun exposure 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your treatment.

  • Don’t wax, tweeze, bleach or use depilatory creams in the area to be treated for 4 weeks prior to treatment.

  • No topical Retinoids 3 days prior to treatment, no Accutane treatment for 3 months prior to laser treatment.

  • Please shave the treatment area 24hrs prior to treatment. There may be an additional charge if shaving needs to be done in the room.

  • Do not shave before your consultation.

  • Your technician will discuss your skin type and optimal number of treatment sessions with you at your consultation. Please note that for certain skin types a complimentary test patch may be required in order to plan for optimal results. Certain skin types are not ideal for laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Precare


Why keep waxing or shaving when you can have a more permanent solution?

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Permanent Results

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