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Are Manicures and Pedicures All Nail Salons Near Me Can Do?

There's no shortage of nail salons near me. Most of them indeed only do manicures and pedicures, though some add a few extra services like make-up application. Having make-up professionally applied gives the best results, so many people get it done just before having portrait pictures taken or prior to big events like weddings.

Despite the name "nail salon," there is also more to even the "basic" manicure and pedicure service. In a manicure, the hands are treated with moisturizers and other agents that make them look and feel better than they otherwise would. The cuticles are also treated so that they have the perfect, even appearance that hints of great health. If the nails are weak or brittle, they get treated to strengthen them and make them more resilient, too. Even though most people think about nail polish when they hear the word "manicure," that is actually just the last step of an extensive service.

Pedicures are similarly involved. The entire foot is treated to remove calluses, heal dry skin, and fix other such conditions. Some people don't even get their toenails colored during this service. Instead, they are more interested in the callus removal or in making the foot skin softer in general. Even so, a pedicurist will likely apply a product to ensure that the nails stay as healthy as possible, even if the client chooses a colorless version.

While nail salons near me are typically good at what they do, there is one type of establishment that still beats them: the spa. At a spa or medispa, the range of services is vastly increased. This makes it possible to get pretty much every kind of non-surgical procedure done except for hair styling. They can firm up the skin under the chin, reduce the appearance of acne scarring, stop unwanted hair growth, and more.

This type of establishment is dedicated to beautifying treatments for the entire body, not just the parts that bear nails. Of course, they do provide manicures and pedicures as part of their wide-ranging services, but if you go to one, you won't want to stop with your hands and feet. Your face could surely use a facial to bring out a youthful glow, or perhaps you'd like a massage to improve your circulation and reduce stress.

The next time you're thinking of having your nails done, consider taking things up a few levels. Skip the nail salon and go to a spa instead. You'll love the pampering, and you'll come out looking great all over, too.

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